Frequently asked questions when renting

Please read our frequently asked questions before sending us a message.

Does the motorhome carry sheets, cushions and nordic?

Yes, the motorhome is already equipped for all beds.

Does the motorhome carry pots and pans?

Yes, each motorhome carries 2 sets.

Can you bring pets?

Yes, they also have the right to enjoy vacations.

Is there TV?

Yes, you can travel always informed.

Does the motorhome carry cleaning products?

Yes, it has a mini cleaning kit (broom, dustpan, glass cleaner, wipes to clean the floor, soap for the dishes, chemical tablets for the toilet …).

Does the motorhome carry Isofix?

No, none of our motorhomes carry this adapter.

Can mobile phones be charged in the motorhome?

Yes, all of our motorhomes carry USB connections.

Does the motorhome have a bike rack?

Yes, our motorhomes are adapted to carry bicycles.

Is insurance included in the price?

Yes, the insurance is included in the price and it is all risk with a franchise of € 600.00.

Can you leave Spain with the motorhome?

Yes, our motorhomes can travel throughout the European Union.

Your car can be stored in the garage when we go to pick up the motorhome?

Yes, you can leave your vehicle in our covered garage.

Does the motorhome have air conditioning? And heating?

Yes, it has air conditioning in the cabin, but not in the passenger compartment.
Yes, it has heating in the cabin and in the passenger compartment.

Is it safe to travel by motorhome?

Yes, and if you want to be safer we always advise you on informative applications.


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