Frequent questions. We talk about our product

Please read our frequently asked questions and answers before before filling the order online.

What is the deadline?

Delivery time between 2 – 10 days.

Does it work for all types of motorcycles?

Adjustable to all the most common wheel sizes.

What is the maximum weight that it supports?

Up to 150 kilos, although the bikes that weigh more (maximum 200 kg) we suggest that you send us an email and we will give you a solution.

Can the ramp be stored below?

The 150 cm ramp can be stored underneath provided the motorcycle is light and the person is able to withstand this effort.

Where can the 200 cm ramp be stored?

The long ramp must be stored independently with the carrier.

How is it installed on the floor of the motorhome?

Normally we will always have fixed the rails with a screw through each end (One at the beginning and one at the end). With 2 screws it is enough but you can put it up to 6.

Can the motorcycle carrier be disassembled if it is not used?

If it can be removed with two screws we will have drilled through the installation but the practical month is to leave the rails and take out the rest.

Is there a danger of the ramp falling?

This system is designed to load the bike safely, so we have the pins that must be inserted to block the ramp and the axle, preventing them from leaving.

Is it mandatory to tie the bike with ropes?

Yes, although the bike is straight and fixed with pins. It is mandatory to tie the bike with at least 2 strings, one on each side.

When we put the front wheel, can you hold the bike?

It is very important to adjust very well the axle that holds the wheel in the size of the wheel, so the wheel will be pressed and the bike will stay straight, otherwise it could fall.

Can you put diagonally in the garage?

There is the possibility of installing the carrier in a diagonal or cross-section, taking into account that the entrance should be centered.

Is the 150 cm ramp too short to climb the bike?

If you have a low bike it is likely that there is more inclination causing the bike to touch the ramp, so we recommend the help of the chocks under the ramp.

Does it work for an enduro bike with big wheels?

Yes, it works exactly the same but it is necessary to communicate it to supply the appropriate parts.

Is a custom motorcycle carrier possible?

Yes, the standard measurement is 2 meters, but if the length of the garage is shorter, on request we can do it without any additional cost.

Shipping costs?
Between € 20 and € 40 euros, the cost varies depending on the place of shipment (Europe). You can also pick up at our offices in Cervera, Catalonia.